Flu Season Latest

FLU Vaccine - BOOK NOW

CALL: 01803 605117 and choose option 1 for appointments.  Please call after 11 am 

Due to the high demand expected we are not able to give the vaccine to those patients who are not eligible.  To find out if you are eligible please click HERE

Housebound Flu Vaccines

We are currently working on a plan for those housebound patients who are yet to receive the flu vaccine.  Please be patient with us and we will contact you once we have a plan in place.

If you are able to, we recomend attending the surgery.

Things to know before you arrive for your appointment

Before you attend for your flu jab please:

  1. Please cancel your appointment if you feel unwell on the day.
  2. Please only bring essential belongings with you.
  3. Ask yourself the following questions:

Have you got a new cough?

Do you have a temperature?

Do you have any change in your taste or smell?

Have you been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19?

If the answer to any of these four questions is yes please do not attend for a flu jab

Protecting your child against flu

5 Reasons to get your child vaccinated.

  • 1. Protect your child - The vaccine will help protect your child against flu and serious complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia
  • 2. Protect you, your family and friends  - Vaccinating your child will help protect more vulnerable friends and family
  • 3. No injection needed - The nasal spray is painless and easy to have
  • 4. It’s better than having flu - The nasal spray helps protect against flu, has been given to millions of children worldwide and has an excellent safety record
  • 5. Avoid costs - If your child gets flu, you may have to take time off work or arrange alternative childcare